not sure how to proceed?

  • if you have questions about what we offer?

please contact us. we’d love to hear from you and answer your questions.

  • if interested in a virtual package,

email us to get the ball rolling. we will contact you to begin the process of creating your personal zine tailored to create a space that is just for you. there is nothing more pleasing than a perfect fit!

  • interested in a virtual package and live in Chicago?

great!  kwell would like to setup an appointment with you, preferably at your home or apartment to gain an understanding of your situation. but first we will send out a questionnaire to

find out some things about you. to make informed decisions we’ll need to get in your head a bit. this will be fun. when your book/zine is complete will meet again to discuss

and from that point schedule times for up to two months to check in see how you are doing with implementing your plan.

  • interested in coaching?

we all need help sometimes. to our delight, we’d like to see you through your journey of getting your home, apartment, or business up to snuff.

  • interested “charge it personal shopper”?

if only desiring a half day of running around town let us know. we can work that out and reduce the fee accordingly. and if you’d like for us to do the shopping in your absence we can oblige that request.

  • if you have concerns about your budget,

we can talk and surely come to an arrangement. we are willing to work in installment plans. we seriously want to give you the opportunity to experience the value of good


  • interested in traditional services?

shoot us an email about your needs so we can determine what service is best for you and setup our first meet and greet.

if your questions still are not answered give us a holla!      email: